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The ranks are getting smaller!

Steve has sold his Shelsley T2!

Sorry to see it go,Steve!

Still, it’s not surprising that the club is now able to field fewer cars than in previous years. Most of the fun in kit cars is in the building and no one seems to be doing that today. Also, the number of younger people who wish to embrace the oily bits are now harder to find. Meccano taught earlier generations to wield a spanner, Lego met the desire to construct in the following generations but now we have Minecraft - sort of “Lego-On-Line” - so one can build and create without getting one’s hands dirty! Or even having to put the bits back in the box after using them!

Regrettably also, kit cars are becoming quite an expensive hobby nowadays and, with event of E10 fuel, more difficult to maintain. Having to check all rubber fuel hoses and replace them with ethanol safe  alternatives is only the start. Carburettors may need rebuilding - even fuel tanks will be suspect on some cars.

There are still car shows where kit cars can be exhibited (Stoneleigh, local country shows, Southern Classics shows etc.) and the more adventurous among us (?) can always go and take part in track days or  even enter some motor racing events!  But the field of people who just want to build and drive their very own home-built gets smaller.

The Members’ Cars page has been edited to show the number of club cars that can reasonably shown to be owned by active members.