Tony The Tiger Cat E 1 has now got a new owner Having built the car and got it through the IVA, I took the Falcon to bits and sprayed the individual parts. Not the greatest spray job in the world but at least I can say “All my own work!”

The JBA Falcon Plus 2

(This is a 1986 kit with a 1976 Mark 3 Cortina donor)

A small flock of Falcons?

The View from the Bridge.

And now that the Falcon is  regular transport, we have a new project - rescuing a rather neglected Dutton Phaeton 4 from rusting away into the great scrap yard in the sky! Not turned a wheel in 15 years, judging by the log book details - and it shows. Basically sound, much work is needed and we don’t expect to see it back on the road this year!

Tony with the Tiger and new owner Dan at Kent Kit Custom and American Car Show